Our Services

General Fabrication

-General fabrication using all materials

 -Mild steel

 -Medium to high carbon steels


 -304 and 316 Stainless steel

 -Brass and copper

 -4130 Cro-moly and titanium

-1 off jobs or production runs

Welding and Repairs

-Batch welding for production runs, or 1 off jobs

-MIG, TIG, Stick welding and Oxy/Acetylene brazing

-Repairs on all materials including;

 -Mild steel

 -Carbon/alloyed steels


 -Stainless steels

 -Cast iron

 -Brass and copper

On Site Services

-MIG, TIG, Stick and Oxy/Acetylene brazing and cutting

-Fabrication and welding on all materials

-Emergency repairs


-Fabrication and welding of beams and posts

-General installation

-Sub contracting

-Free quoting and site measure